Beate Uhse Movie

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Year: 2007Run-time: 101 MinutesLanguage: EnglishOnline since: 25.12.2007
Content: Year 51 B.C.: After eight years of war, the Caeser Triumphs in the war against the Gaul. There are celebrations for the victory and the return to Rome. Meanwhile, in the capital of the empire, Pompeo, Senator loved by the people, loves his wife, the daughter of Caesar. Caesar, informed about a pilot from the senate against his downfall, decides to re-enter Rome in full force. The army, at the head of which ride centurion Lucio Voreno and legionary Tito Pullio, arrives in Rome to find an empty city without institutions. This causes the senate to declare Caesar a dictator. Pompeo, in order to avoid the civil war, leaves Rome with his wife and the rebellious senators., and exiles himself in Greece. Meanwhile, Lucio returns back home, and realized that his wife changed. And Tito Pullio and Ottavia uncover a hidden pilot.